Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Anti-Money Laundering training for UK and offshore financial service providers, solicitors, accountants and estate agents

New for 2019 – updated Handbook for MLROs and Booklets for staff

  • The first choice for AML compliance – since 1992 the Money Laundering Resource range has provided an authoritative source of training and guidance to professional bodies and regulated firms of all sizes.
  • With courses for different sectors and jurisdictions – choose from a range of fully supported products to help you implement a risk-based anti-money laundering programme appropriate for your firm.
  • Meet your training obligations with minimum disruption – our online learning programme Training on Record offers a tried and tested solution for providing regular documented training to your staff.

Trusted by regulated firms and institutions

For over 25 years

Offering sector specific guidance

Money Laundering Resource offers a choice of specialised products that enable you to build a compliance programme that reflects the risks to which your firm is exposed.

Products for all levels of staff

Solutions are available to meet the needs of the whole firm – from support staff to experienced professionals; from new starters through to Compliance Managers.

Training on Record online learning

Versions for different sectors and jurisdictions – a complete e-learning programme, with competence assessments,  automatic training records and useful monitoring features. Available in versions for specific business sectors and jurisdictions, with appropriate courses for all staff levels.

Product image showing anti-money laundering online training screen

Anti-Money Laundering Booklets 2019-20

The essential reference aid for staff – concise guide booklets for individual employees, in packs of 20, with versions for different sectors. Offering up-to-date advice on the Criminal Finances Act, changes prompted by Brexit and the 5th EU Directive, and new AML data protection requirements.

Product image showing anti-money laundering booklets

The Money Laundering Officer’s Practical Handbook

NEW 2019 Edition – with ready-made template documents and links to additional resources. The trusted ‘Ten Step’ guide to setting up a proportionate, risk-assessed regime, tailored to your firm. Spanning the latest amendments to the Money Laundering Regulations, emerging fraud related risks and targeted bribery prevention measures.

Product image showing money laundering officer's practical handbook

Money Laundering Compliance at a glance

Why is training necessary?

Money Laundering Regulations* specifically require you to give regular training to all relevant staff.

Why must you record training?

The Regulations also require you to keep a written record of the anti-money laundering training you’re providing.

Why choose our products?

Since 1992 the Money Laundering Resource range has helped firms like yours reliably meet their obligations.

+-Read more about the UK Money Laundering Regulations*Read less