Bribery Prevention Booklets

Guidance on the Bribery Act and Anti-Corruption

Are you confident your staff are aware of the everyday risks associated with hospitality, business gifts and entertainment, and would know what to do in the event of an incident?

Bribery Prevention Booklets help you easily alert your staff to hidden Bribery & Corruption risks in the workplace, along with staff obligations under the Bribery Act.

Covering the latest anti-corruption measures, the booklets provide clear advice on incident reporting to the Bribery Prevention or Compliance Officer.

The booklets include a checklist for employees to sign, confirming they understand their personal responsibilities – and enabling you to show that every member of staff has been given appropriate guidance.

Pack of 20 shrink-wrapped booklets.

Free postage within the British Isles.

Bribery prevention booklets


Pack of 20