Data Protection Booklets

A personal guide for staff – fully updated for UK Data Reform

Revised and updated for 2022/23

A data breach can be seriously damaging for your organisation – how alert are your employees to rising cyber threats?

Data Protection Booklets offer up-to-date guidance and prevention measures for staff working from any location, reminding them of UK GDPR principles to protect and secure personal data, and helping them head off identity theft and damaging online fraud attempts.

These easy-to-use reference booklets emphasise the risks and set out the practical steps that everyone must take when handling personal data. Each booklet also contains a checklist for staff to sign and date, confirming they understand their responsibilities under Data Protection Law – enabling you to show that appropriate guidance has been provided.

Pack of 20 shrink-wrapped booklets.

Free postage within the British Isles.

Data protection booklets


Pack of 20