Equality & Diversity

Reinforce the message with online Equality & Diversity training and personal reference booklets for staff

  • The Equality Act has important implications for your firm – protect your business and your staff with online training and handy reference booklets.
  • Treating people fairly is good for business – going beyond compliance, our products are designed to raise awareness and encourage staff to think about the wider issues of ‘fair treatment’ in the workplace.

The right approach to Equality & Diversity

Promote your firm's policies

The law makes it necessary to have policies that protect your employees from various forms of discrimination. By actively promoting those policies you help to create an work culture where everyone feels able to meet their full potential.

Provide effective training

To protect your firm from possible liability you need to be able to show that you are taking all reasonable steps to make your employees aware of the types of unlawful behaviour that must be avoided in the course of their work.

Training on Record online learning

An engaging e-learning programme for all levels of staff – with interactive questions and relevant examples to illustrate key training points. A separate recorded test enables your employees to demonstrate their awareness and understanding of the topic.

Product image showing equality and diversity online training screen

Equality & Diversity Booklets

The handy reference guide for individual employees – a concise guide to Equality & Diversity in the workplace, with a check list for staff to sign confirming they understand their personal obligations under the Equality Act. Available in packs of 20.

Product image showing equality and diversity booklets

The Equality Act at a glance

What does the Act say?

The law requires your firm to protect employees from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

What are the risks to your firm?

Allegations of unfair treatment can damage morale and lead to costly litigation and bad publicity.

What can you do about it?

Train your staff on good Equality & Diversity practice – and document the training you’re providing.

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