Personal Compliance Booklets

Concise reference guides provide individual staff members with a continuing reminder of their personal compliance obligations

  • A reliable source of guidance – when your staff need to quickly check the best way to proceed on a matter of regulatory compliance, can you afford to let them rely on word of mouth – or a simple web search?
  • A practical approach to compliance – Personal Compliance Booklets offer a cost-effective reference tool for individual employees, setting out their continuing responsibilities on a range of important topics.
  • A perfect complement to your training – booklets enable you to provide a lasting reminder of the serious points made in your training.

A compelling reminder for your staff

Offered in packs of 20

Give each member of staff their own personal reference guide, with easy access to the right information.

Check their understanding

Each booklet includes a handy checklist for the employee to sign, confirming they’ve understood their obligations.

Give up-to-date guidance

Booklets are revised to reflect changes to the law, so you can be sure you’re giving the correct advice to your staff.

Anti-Money Laundering Booklets

Pack of 20 booklets – £65

Versions available for different business sectors – a practical guide for staff on the latest Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing requirements – including tax evasion measures set out in the Criminal Finances Act, and new Data Protection rules resulting from GDPR.

Product image showing anti-money laundering booklets

GDPR Data Protection Booklets

Pack of 20 booklets – £65

Up-to-date guidance on Data Protection and Information Security – an essential guide for staff on the latest Data Protection laws, highlighting the significant changes brought about by GDPR and underlining the importance of keeping your firm’s information secure.

Product image showing data protection booklets

Bribery Prevention Booklets - Revised and updated

Pack of 20 booklets – £65

A useful reference guide for staff – offering clear advice on the types of situations to be wary of, and the procedures that must be followed to avoid committing a bribery offence. Booklets are an effective way to remind your staff of the serious risks to themselves and to your organisation.

Product image showing bribery prevention booklets

Equality & Diversity Booklets

Pack of 20 booklets – £65

Essential guidance for all staff – these handy booklets explain the Equality Act in straightforward terms, highlighting the types of behaviour that must be avoided and the importance of treating clients and colleagues fairly.

Product image showing equality and diversity booklets