Online Modern Slavery Training

An effective and positive modern slavery training programme for all your staff.

  • Modern slavery is a business challenge – modern slavery and human trafficking is a real risk for any organisation. The Modern Slavery Act encourages firms to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking occurring in their business activities.
  • The key to prevention is staff awareness – it may not entirely eradicate the risk, but regular staff training will reduce the chances of modern slavery impacting your organisation.

What does this course cover?


  • Understanding modern slavery
  • Key aspects of the UK Modern Slavery Act
  • How to spot the signs
  • How modern slavery can affect your organisation
  • Meeting your obligations
  • Email us for a detailed course syllabus

How do you protect your firm?

Educate your staff

By developing an understanding of modern slavery, your staff will be able to identify and reduce the risks across your business and supply chains, demonstrating your firm’s compliance.

Test their understanding

Online training that incorporates a simple but effective testing solution will ensure that your staff have a grasp of the subject, and know what to do if they come across modern slavery.

Reinforce your policy

Your firm might be a small or medium-sized enterprise but effective training ensures your staff can adhere to your modern slavery policy, and your firm can operate in a fair and ethical manner.

How it works

Renewable annual subscription

Training on Record is available on a year-long subscription. You pay only for the number of people you enrol – and renewal is always at your option. We update the courseware every year – and in response to any regulatory changes – enabling you to deliver a continuous programme of up-to-date training, with brand new content for repeat trainers.

Easy set-up and ongoing support

Simply email us a list of users and we’ll take care of set-up for you – usually within 24 hours. You’ll have access to your own area on our secure servers, with complete flexibility to define groups and add new users. We also offer outstanding technical support throughout the year – so if you ever need help, you can always give us a call.