Anti-Money Laundering Booklets 2024/25

Reflecting new risks under economic crime legislation

The 2024/25 Anti-Money Laundering Personal Compliance Booklets interpret fast-changing UK Regulations and cutting-edge legislation. Help your staff understand increased risk under new economic crime legislation and the urgent need for continuing compliance with prevention procedures.

Anti-Money Laundering Personal Compliance Booklets are a powerful reminder of the action your staff must take on economic crime prevention.

Each booklet has a checklist for staff to sign, so that in the event of a regulatory inspection, you can show they have been made aware of their continuing responsibilities.

Five different versions are offered to reflect the specific needs of different business sectors.

Pack of 20 shrink-wrapped booklets.

Free postage within the British Isles.

Anti-Money Laundering Booklet 24/25

Pack of 20