Anti-Money Laundering Booklets

Personal Compliance Booklets covering Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing for individual members of staff

Anti-Money Laundering Booklets provide staff with a useful reminder of their continuing obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations and the Criminal Finances Act.

Choose from nine versions for different sectors – make your staff aware of the signs of money laundering and terrorist financing, with clear guidance on the steps they must follow to avoid the relevant criminal offences.

Each booklet contains a checklist for staff to sign and date, confirming they understand their responsibilities. In the event of a regulatory inspection, you can show that all staff have been kept informed and up to date with the latest legislation.

Available in nine different versions to meet the needs of various business sectors and jurisdictions.

Pack of 20 shrink-wrapped booklets.

Product image showing anti-money laundering booklets

Pack of 20